FBI Tools - Check Expired Card

Expired Card for regular transactions

A new Expired Card page has been added to the Merchant portal > FBI Tools > Account Controls section:


There merchant is able to enable Expired Card rule and select action “Flag for Review” or “Reject”.

If the rule is enabled ad assigned to the account, system flags/rejects all transactions with expired cards:

Expired Card for Data Vault transactions

A new setting has been added to the Merchant portal > Data Vault > Administration > Configuration Settings page:

It allows merchant to define a number of rejected by Expired Card rule Data Vault payments to pause the payment type.

That means that if:

  • Expired Card rule is enabled with action ‘Reject’
  • Rule is assigned to the Account
  • One (in our case) Data Vault payment with expired card has been rejected by the rule

Then system marks Payment Type as paused for the Data Vault client.

System won’t process any Data Vault payments via the paused Payment Type. In this case Merchant or Data Vault client need to update the payment type to start payment processing via the Payment Type.

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