What is the purpose of the Military Star Card?

The Military Star Card encourages the wise use of credit, and helps customers build credit wisely. Our credit programs are tailored to active duty, reserve, guards, retired-service members and their family's credit needs.

Its many financial benefits include:

  • A competitive interest rate (among the lowest private label credit cards)
  • A 10%t discount for new accountholders the first day they shop
  • No annual or over-limit fees
  • Zero-interest promotions throughout the year
  • Discount coupons
  • An everyday fuel discount, plus periodic fuel discounts of 10 to 20 cents per gallon
  • An exclusive deployment policy

At forward deployed locations, ECP credit products have proven to be invaluable to military members in making purchases at the tactical field exchanges and temporary exchange facilities. There is no other credit source available to service members and their families today that can provide the level of support that the ECP provides.

AAFES’s mission as an organization is to provide a convenient shopping outlet for military members, and to support military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs (MWR). Roughly two-thirds of AAFES earnings are paid to MWR programs. In the past 10 years, AAFES contributed $2.4 billion to military MWR programs to spend on quality of life improvements, including: Youth Services, Armed Forces Recreation Centers, arts and crafts, aquatic centers, post functions and golf courses. The ECP contributed $505 million of those funds. In 2008, the ECP contributed $76 million To MWR projects.






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