Data Vault - Quick Sale for a Recurring Payment

First login, then go to Data Vault> Search; then either search for the customer by Last Name, Company, etc:

Click “Sale” next to the person you would like to charge:

A Quick Pay window will appear. Select “Plan Payment”, which will provide you with a list of currently assigned payment plans for the customer. Select the payment plan that they would like to make a payment for, verify which merchant account the transaction should be applied to and select the card you would like to charge (as there could be multiple on file, or you could add a new one at this time by selecting “Custom”). Click “Pay Now”:

If you have selected a pre-saved card number, you will receive a notification that the payment has been processed successfully.

If you are adding a custom payment type you will be prompted to enter in the new card information. Click “Pay Now” and the payment will be processed:

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