Data Vault - Quick Sale

How to Complete a Quick Sale.

First login, then go to Data Vault> Search then either search for the customer by Last Name, Company, etc:

Click “Sale” next to the person you would like to charge:

A Quick Pay window will appear. Enter in the amount you would like to charge, verify which merchant account the transaction should be applied to (there should only be one) and select the card you would like to charge (as there could be multiple on file, or you could add a new one at this time by selecting “Custom”).

Click “Pay Now”:

You will be taken to the payment page to double check that all entered data is correct.

On this page you could add an Order ID, Order Description, edit the address, etc, but any billing information that was saved in the Data Vault Clients profile will be input:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Pay Now”:

Card is processed successfully. 


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