Merchant Login

The merchant may proceed to the Login page by clicking the Login hyperlink. 
Login Steps
Step 1: Enter the Username 
Step 2: Enter the Password 
Step 3: Click Login
Once the merchant has successfully logged into the gateway, the Quick Launch page will load.  This is the gateway Home page. 
Password Hint
If password hint is specified for the current user it will appear after entering a wrong password and pressing the Login button.
Forgot Pasword
Step 1: Click Forgot Password 
Step 2: Enter the Username associated with your gateway account 
Step 3: Click on Send Password Reset 
An email will be sent to the above user email address with further instruction. 
Instructions to change the password 
Step 1: Open the email sent to you by the gateway.  
Step 2: Click the hyperlink or paste it into your browser.  
Step 3: Enter New password.
Step 4: Confirm the password by reentering the New password.
Step 5: Click on Set Password.
You may now login with your new credentials.
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