Load Balance - Redirect Failures

Should you want to redirect a failed transaction to another merchant account, you can configure the Load Balancer to redirect to another merchant account.

  1. Go to the Administration > System Configuration > Load Balancer tab
  2. Click on the Add Load Balancer Settings link
  3. Fill in the Name
  4. Select the Redirect Failures in the Allocate by section
  5. Select the Account Type
  6. Click on the Add Merchant Account link
  7. In Sequence #1: Select the Merchant Account (AM-Demo) to route all transactions
  8. Press the Save button
  9. In Sequence #2: Select the Merchant Account (AM-Credit Card Processing2) to route all failed transactions to Sequence #1 (AM-Demo)
  10. Press the Save button
  11. A new Transaction Key will be provided for you to route all your Transaction Routing

To test your Load Balance Redirect Failures setting:

  1. Run a failed sale with your new Transaction Key
  2. The Sequence #2 Merchant Account will appear in your Transaction Receipt
  3. Utilizing this new Transaction Key will automatically run failed transactions on the backup processor depending on your "Redirect Transactions When" settings. 

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