Data Vault - Card Account Updater Setup

On the Data Vault > Account Updater > Setup page is the ability to make modifications to the card information.

Fill in the required fields:
Merchant Name
Merchant Number

Select the modifications for the particular Merchant Account settings.
Then once satisfied with your selection, press the Save button.
Please note that the current configuration limits sending 1,000 cards for per month, which you are able to adjust accordingly.

On the Data Vault > Clients > Search page is where the user is able to view the last updated date.

–On the Data Vault > Clients > Edit > Payment Types tab is where the user is able to view the payment type status (updated/not updated) and last update date.

For "out-of-schedule" request, this can be sent in the Data Vault > Account Updater > Manual Processing


A View Events page is available for the CAU under Data Vault > Account Updater > History so that the merchant has access to view when files were sent to update and status updates.
Please note, it normally takes up to three business days to generate a response.


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