FBI Tools - Country Ban

Steps to set country bans:

  1. Login as a Merchant
  2. Go to FBI Tools > Filters > Country Bans

  3. Select the Add Country Bans Rule link

  4. Name:  Type in a Name to identify the New Country Bans Rule

  5. Description:  Type in a brief Description 
  6. Billing Country > All Countries:  Select the Country to ban
  7. Selected: Then press the right arrow  to select the Country
  8. Shipping Country:  Select the Same as Billing check box
  9. Days to Ban:  Type in 365
  10. Action:  Select the Reject option
  11. Enabled:  Select this check box
  12. Save:  Press the Save button to save your configuration
  13. Go to Assign Rules and Filter tab
  14. Select the Merchant Account that you would like to set a country ban on

  15. Select the check box to the right of the Controls, Rules and Filter column
  16. If you would like to trigger on all mid accounts, please select the Apply to All Merchant Accounts
  17. Then select the Save button to save your configuration




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