Using the Integration features, the merchant can configure the Payment Redirect page and its behavior.

Setup Payment Redirect (Optional)
Step 1: Choose Merchant Account
Step 2: Mark the Allow user to enter quantity checkbox if the customer is allowed change a quantity while checking out. A new total will be calculated and displayed before the final charge.
Step 3: Enter the Return URL. This URL will be the landing page for the customer after the payment is complete.
Step 4: To adopt the look and feel of the merchant website, upload a CSS file.  
        » Click Browse to search for the CSS file on your hard drive.
        » Click Upload to copy the file to the webservers.
        » Click Preview to see the new page.
Step 5: Click Save at the bottom of the page.
FBI Tools Notifications
Step 1: Set the email address for notification from FBI Tools. Transactions that are Flagged for Review will generate an email to this address.
Step 2: Click Save at the bottom of the page.
Setup FTP for 3rd Party Integration
Data files that include the data elements of a transaction can be automatically sent to an FTP server in real time. To use the feature activate the FTP service by doing the following:
Step 1: Set the URL for the FTP server.
Step 2: Enter username and password for the server.
Step 3: Clicking Test Connection to validate the FTP settings.
Step 4: Click Save at the bottom of the page.
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