In Users menu the merchant can create, view, edit, and delete Users. 
Create User

Step 1: Select the Users from the Security menu.

Step 2
: Click Add User.  
Step 3: Enter the User contact information including a Username. 

Step 4: Click Generate Password Automatically to have a welcome email sent to the user or enter a Password for the User.
Step 5: Click Next.
Step 6: Select merchant accounts that must be available for this user

Step 7
: Click Save or Next

Step 8
: Select Load Balancers that must be available for this user. If none of the load balancers are selected all load balancers will be inherited from the role.

Step 9: Click Save or Finish

Edit User

Step 1: Click Users in the Security menu.  
Step 2: Use the list box to change the User’s Role and click Save. 
Step 3: Click Edit next to change a User’s contact details.  
Step 4: Modify the User’s information.
Step 5: Click Save.
Delete User

Step 1: To delete a user click the Delete link corresponding to the user.

Step 2: Confirm deletion by clicking OK button on appeared popup.

Main User

User which is marked as Main has access to all pages regardless of its role. The Main column is available only for Main user, hence only Main user can change this mark. The Main column disappears for current Main user as soon as the 'Main' mark was changed and saved.
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