A group of secured features is called a Role. Roles are security profiles that can be assigned to one or many Users.  By clicking the Roles menu option in Security, the merchant may view, edit, add or delete roles.
Create Role
Step 1: Select Roles from the menu Security.
Step 2: Click Add Role.

 Step 3: Enter the role Name and Description.
Step 4: Click the appropriate security option checkboxes for the Role being created.
Set Role Privileges: Privileges determines the security profile for the Role.  A description of each Privilege can be found next to each individual function.    
        » Payments
        » Company
        » Reports
        » Customer Management
        » Data Vault
        » FBI Tools
        » Invoices
        » Security
        » Administration
        » Access to API
        » Decrypt Account Number
Step 5: Click Next.
Tip: You may use the Collapse All Rows or Expand All Rows buttons to quickly assign and remove security features from the Role.
Step 6: Select merchant accounts that must be available for this role

Step 7: Click Next

Step 8: Select Load Balancers that must be available for this role. If none of the load balancers are selected all load balancers will be available.
Step 9: Click Save or Finish

Edit Role

Step 1: Click Edit next to the Role being changed. 
Step 2: Modify Role on the Edit Role page.
Step 3: Click Save.
Delete Role

Step 1: To Delete a Role, click the Delete link next to the Role you want to remove.  The system will ask the user to confirm the Delete.  
Step 2: Click OK.
Note, that you can not delete a Role, if it is assigned to a user.
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