Create new invoice
Step 1: Click the Invoices -> Invoices -> New on the menu bar
Step 2: Select Merchant Account through which the invoice must be paid
Step 3: Select the token of the customer to which the invoice must be assigned (optional)
Step 4: Enter the amount of the invoice (or you can add several products to the invoice by clickin the Add Item button)
Step 5: Select currency (USD is selected by default)
Step 6: Set the Invoice Date
Step 7: Set the Invoice Status to Active (or leave the status Draft in order to edit the invoice later)

Step 8: Click Exit or Save as Draft or Save as Active. Note that invoices with Active status are not editable and can not be demoted to Draft status 

Payment link appears after saving the invoice with status Active. You can send the link to the customer by clicking 'Mail Payment URL' button and the customer can pay the invoice using this link.
If Customer Token is selected for the invoice and the invoice is saved with status Active, then the Data Vault Client can see and pay the invoice on the Invoices page of the Client Service portal.

View/Edit/Cancel invoices
Step 1: Click the Invoices -> Invoices -> Search on the menu bar
Step 2: Filter the grid by the following data - Customer Name, Transaction ID, Source (All, Checkout API, Data Vault), Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Status (All, Draft, Active, Failed, Paid, Canceled, Canceled by Customer, Expired)
Step 3: Click View (available for Active, Failed, Paid, Canceled and Expired invoices) or click Edit (available only for Draft invoices) or click Cancel (available for Active and Draft invoices)

Here user can also add more invoices by clicking the Add Invoice button.
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