Review Transactions

By clicking on the Review Transactions option in the FBI Tools menu, the merchant can view and manually approve or decline transactions that were Flagged for Review by the FBI Tools system. The reason for rejection or flagging will be listed in the search results grid. If a Rule from FBI Tools was invoked, the user will see the rule in the result set. Review Transactions data can be filtered by the following criteria:
    » Date Range (or Speed Date)
    » Merchant Account
    » Status (Transaction)
    » Reason (Policy, Processor, User, Load Balancer, Fraud Control)

The table shows Transactions ID, name of Account, Amount of transaction, Type of operation, Status, Original Transaction ID - shows when there is a Duplicate Transaction Rule triggered, Reason, full name of Customer, Creation Time.
Step 1: Click on Review Transaction in the FBI Tools menu.
Step 2: Select the desired Date Range (or Speed Date).   
Step 3: Choose the merchant Account. 
Step 4: Select the appropriate under the drop down list of Status.
    » Select All
    » Approved
    » Declined
    » Flagged For Review
Step 5: Click Submit. 
Step 6: Check/uncheck "Send 'Transaction was rejected' notification to customer" option and press Save button to set default state for the notification option.
Tip: To get a closer look at a transaction before deciding to Approve or Reject, click the Trans ID.  The transaction receipt with payment details, etc. will be displayed.
Manual Approval and Decline
Step 1: Use the filter boxes to view only the transaction(s) you are interested in and click Submit.
Step 2: Select the transactions using the checkboxes.
Step 3: Click Reject or Approve.
Step 4: For rejected transaction confirm changes
Tip: To export the list of selected transactions to Microsoft Excel, use the Export List button.
Approve or Rejected Transactions
By clicking on the Reject button, the selected transactions will not be processed further and “Failed”. Their status will reflect this. When the merchant clicks on the Approve button, the selected transactions will be processed and will be updated as successful transactions with a Status of Approved.  It is possible that a transaction could be Approved by the User, but Rejected by the processor. In this case, the status will be Failed.
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