Account Limits

Here the User can view, add, edit, copy and delete Account Limits created.

Edit Limit

The user can create a desired limit. This limit can include:
  • Name - desired name of the limit
  • Description - description of limit created
  • Daily Sale Amount - Limit the Sale amounts per day
  • Daily Transactions - Limit the amount of transactions per day 
  • Weekly Sale Amount - Limit the sale amounts per week 
  • Weekly Transactions - Limit the amount of transactions per week 
  • Monthly Sale Amount - Limit the sale amount per month
  • Monthly Transactions - Limit the amount of transactions per month
  • User Change Card - Limit the user changes on there card
  • Email notification once this limit has been reached - Field for specifying email to send notification once the limit has been reached
After Entering the desired limit amounts click the Enable box to the right of the corresponding row to make that limit become active.
When Finish click Save and the limit will be created and become active 
Limits look very similar to Card Number or IP Address filters but have a difference in usage workflow:
  • They are not assigned to merchant accounts like filters but could be applied as a result action for custom rules only.
  • The scope of the limits is customer based, each limit is calculated for each customer (defined by the customer identification rule)
For example,  daily limit is $100, customer has already successful transaction $30 processed this day. While processing new transaction for $100, it will be rejected. 
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