Account Updater

This functionality is available only if the Account Updater module is assigned to the merchant company.

Account Updater monitors clients payment types in order to automatically update them in the Gateway when they are updated on the third party side.
Setup Account Updater
To enable the Account Updater open the menu Data Vault -> Account Updater -> Setup
Step 1: Select 'Enable Account Updater'
Step 2: Select the frequency of checking cards (Every Day, Every Week, Every Month)
Step 3: Set Schedule of starting Account Updater service (Never, Every Day, Every Week, Every Month)
Step 4: Set the Maximum cards to check per day
Step 5: Set the Maximum check attempts per card
Step 6.1: Select if you want to update declined cards 
Step 6.2: Select if you want to update expired cards 
Step 7.1: Select if you want to update active Data Vault clients 
Step 7.2: Select if you want to update inactive Data Vault clients 
Step 7.3: Select if you want to update Data Vault clients with assigned plans
Step 7.4: Select if you want to update Data Vault clients with no assigned plans
Please contact administrator to set all other AU settings.
After the Account Updater is enabled the new option appears for all created credit cards of all clients of the company - 'Monitor Account'. The default value is 'Yes'. Also AU Status appears for all payment types.

Account Updater Manual Processing
This page allows the user to manually process cards update.
Account Updater History
This page enables the user to view all operations made by Account Updater: Requests and Responses. Here user is able to view details of each operation and download each request and response.
Details of operation can be exported to Excel.
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