Payment History

This page enables the user to view the history of payments made by all data vault client of his company. Also this report contains all future payments according to all assigned plans to the clients of the company.

The grid can be filtered by the following data:
  • Type: the type of payments (All, Invoice, Plan, Transactions);
  • Plan Name: all plans created in the current company;
  • Merchant Account: all accounts created in the company;
  • Payment Status: the status of payments (All, Active, Approved, Canceled, Canceled By Customer, Declined, Draft, Failed, Flagged For Review, Internal Error, Not Processed, Paid, Pending Capture, Refunded, Settled, Transaction Failed, Voided);
  • Payment Date
  • Speed Date
  • Client Last Name
  • Client Token ID
  • Customer ID
User is able to view any client by clicking his name, to view any plan assignment by clicking the plan name and to view the details of any payment in the grid by clicking the Details link in the last column. Also user is able to export the filtered grid by pressing the Export to Excel button.
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