Customer Search

Step 1: Enter one or more criteria to search customer information:
» Customer ID 
» System ID 
» Email 
» Company – if applicable.
» First Name – the first name of the specific customer.
» Last Name – the last name of the specific merchant.
» City – billing city of the customer.
» Client Type – Regular or Data Vault (or All).
» Address – billing address of the customer.
» Phone – phone number of the customer.
» Postal Code – billing postal code.
» Payment Type – payment used by the customer. The list of payment types includes:
  • ACH
  • Credit Card
  • eCheck
  • Star Card
  • Cash
  • eWallet
» Account Number – the number of the account pertaining to the customer.
» Custom Fields – all custom fields with the scope Customer or Both.
Step 2: Click on the Submit button.

Step 3: Click Customer ID to view and edit customer information.
If type of the client is Data Vault then 'Edit Client' page will be open. 

And 'Customer Information' page will be open in the case when client type is Regular.

Step 4:
To view Transaction Details click Transaction ID on Customer Information page. You can also edit 'Chargebacks', 'Disputes' fields and add notes here.





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