Upload Batch

A Batch Upload is the process of submit a set of payment related transactions from a file or list. These are offline payments and the results are posted to a file that can be viewed within the Batch processing system. Unlike real time transactions batches lack an instantaneous response.
Step 1: Select the Upload Batch option from Payments menu.
Process Batch File
Step 2Drag and drop files from your computer to the uploader or select it by using the Add files button.
Step 3: Click Start Upload (this will upload the file into the Gateway).
Step 4: Click Process next to the batch in the grid in order to start transaction processing immediately.
Tip: If you do not use the Process link, the transactions will be processed automatically at night.
View Batch History
Also here you can see the list of all previously uploaded batches. You can filter the grid by entering appropriate data to the filter fields at the top of each column.
Below are some terms that will be useful when reading the grid: 
» Source the name of the file uploaded and processed. 
» Name the name of the file uploaded and processed.
» User the user who is attempting the transaction.
» Status the status of the processing of the file named above.
» Processed the number of transactions that processed successfully.
» Failed the number of transactions that failed to process. 
» Creation Time the time the batch file was created.
» Start Time the time the batch file was started processing.
» View link allows to view the list of all transactions of the batch.
» Requests link allows to download the file with all batch requests to the user's computer.
» Process link allows to start transaction processing for any Pending batch.
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