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Home Page
The Home page of the gateway is also called the Quick Launch page.  There are eight icons that can be used to quickly navigate to the system most common functions. Apart from the Quick Launch icons you will find a menu system that hosts the following functional areas (also called modules):
» Home
» Payments
» Reports
» Customers
» Data Vault
» FBI Tools
» Invoices
» Security
» Administration
» Help

The first menu option Home has three options:

» Launch Pad
» Sales Dashboard
» Company
» My Profile
Launch Pad 
Located in the center of the Quick Launch page are eight “mascots” that indicate a shortcut to common gateway tasks:
» Sales 
» Refunds 
» Search Transaction
» Sales Dashboard 
» Review Transactions
» Billing
» Data Vault 
» Interchange Optimizer
To the right of the mascots you will see the date with Pending, Messages and Chargeback Protection & Response management system.

Chargeback Protection & Response
When the merchant clicks on the Chargeback Protection & Response icon they will be brought to the Chargeback Response Program Interview page.

Here the merchant is able to insert the following information:
Chargeback Program Interview
» Processor – for enrolled merchants, the merchant may select from all processors assigned to their company as to which processor dealing with which MID they would like to apply the CPR program too. 
» MID – the merchant may select which MID from there selected processor they would like to apply the CPR program too.
» Merchant DBA – if the merchant is“Doing Business As” a different name insert that here
» Products or Services – products or services sold under the above DBA
» Sales URL – where online can the product/service be purchased
» Do you send confirmation emails for billing?
» Do you obtain tracking numbers for shipping?
» Automatically accept chargebacks under $10?
» Automatically cancel recurring billing in CRM?
Ecommerce Gateway
» Ecommerce Gateway – which payment adapter and tokenization system does your company use 
» URL for Ecommerce Gateway – which webiste address does your company use to transact sales
» Gateway Username and Password – for above system
POS, CRM or Billing System
» System Name – which internal system does your company use for billing
» System URL – if your company does not use our gateway or hub as source for payments what is the systems url that you use
» Billing Username
» Billing Password
When Finished entering required information press save to add account to the Chargeback Program
Pending Sales
When you click the Pending icon from the Launch pad home screen the user is redirected to the FBI tools review transactions page. Here, the merchant can view and manually approve or decline transactions that were Flagged for Review by the FBI Tools system. The reason for rejection or flagging will be listed in the search results grid. Review Transactions data can be filtered by the following criteria:
        » Date Range
        » Merchant Account
        » Status (Transaction)
        » Reason (Policy, Processor, User, Load Balancer or Fraud Control)

Step 1: Click on Review Transaction in the FBI Tools menu.
Step 2: Select the desired Date Range.   
Step 3: Choose the merchant Account. 
Step 4: Select the appropriate under the drop down list of Status.
        » Select All
        » Approved
        » Declined
        » Flagged For Review
Step 5: Click Submit. 
Tip: To get a closer look at a transaction before deciding to Approve or Reject, click the Trans ID.  The transaction receipt with payment details, etc. will be displayed.

Manual Approval and Decline
Step 1: Use the filter boxes to view only the transaction(s) you are interested in and click Submit.
Step 2: Select the transactions using the checkboxes.
Step 3: Click Reject or Approve.
Tip: To export the list of selected transactions to Microsoft Excel, use the Export List button.
Approve or Rejected Transactions
By clicking on the Reject button, the selected transactions will not be processed further and “Failed”.  Their status will reflect this.  When the merchant clicks on the Approve button, the selected transactions will be processed and will be updated as successful transactions with a Status of Approved.  It is possible that a transaction could be Approved by the User, but Rejected by the processor.  In this case, the status will be Failed.
When user clicks the Messages icon the user is redirected to the Messages page. Here the user is able to view any communication and alerts regarding the gateway. 







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