System Configuration - Merchant Account Details

The Merchant Accounts grid provides info about the different merchant accounts assigned to the company. Some of the merchant account details can be updated via the Edit link. Accounts in Test and Development statuses are marked with yellow color.
The Merchant Accounts grid displays the following data: 
1. In the 1st column the merchant will see a column titled Merchant Account Name. It is the arbitrary merchant account name created by the user on setup.  
2. In the next column the merchant will see is titled Payment Type.  In this column the merchant can see the type of payment. 
3. In the next column the merchant will see is titled Creation Time.  In this column the merchant is able to view the date each account was created.
4. Next column is Time zone. In this column merchant will get the time details of the specific payment.
5. Next column is Status. It is the status of the account selected in the field 'Integration Mode' and it can has values 'Live', 'Test' and 'Development'. Accounts with 'Test' and 'Development' status are marked with yellow in this grid.
6. In the final column next to each row there is both an Edit and Delete link. 
    a. Clicking Delete will remove the account from the merchant’s company account. In reality the account can only be deleted if it has never processed a transaction.  Accounts that have processed and are deleted are actually set to Archived and the data is retained for up to 5 years.  Archived accounts are no longer viewable online.
    b. Clicking Edit icon allows the merchant to edit the connection details of the account. The Support Email address can be stored here. The home Country and Time Zone of the account can also be set.  When you enable Email Daily Transaction Report, a report will be sent at 2:00 AM CST to the address in Support Email box.
Edit Merchant Account
Edit page consists of 4 sections: account data, settlement schedule, notifications settings and transaction routings.
The first section contains some data of the currently selected merchant account. Merchant user is unable to edit fields related to payment settings. 
User can select if he wants to use his time zone or default system time zone on transaction and email receipts by selecting/deselecting the checkbox 'Use on transaction and email receipt'.
  • If user selects Integration Mode = Live then transactions processed through this account will be sent to the processors and merchant will be charged for such operations.
  • If user selects Integration Mode = Test then transactions processed through this account will not be sent to the processors and merchant will not be charged for such operations. 
  • If user selects Integration Mode = Development then transactions processed through this account  will be sent to the processors with test credentials and merchant will be allowed to use test credit cards for this account.
User is able to set custom settlement schedule for each account by selecting the checkbox 'Custom Settlement Schedule'. In this case all transactions processed through such account will be settled at the time selected in the 'Local Time' field. Otherwise transactions for this account will be settled every night by default.
Next settings allows to set Number of Operations Limit - the System will process settlements when number of operations processed through this account reaches this limit.
If the client should provide his signature after processing transaction using mobile application - the checkbox 'Signature required on the mobile device' should be checked.
Also user is able to set the following email notifications: 'Daily Transaction Report', 'Receipt for each transaction' and 'Daily Pending for Review Transactions Report'.
The grid 'Transaction Routing' contains all routings created for the selected merchant account.
Delete Merchant Account
Also user is able to delete merchant accounts on this page by clicking the 'Delete' link.
If the account is used in Load Balancers, Invoices, Data Vault Merchant Settings, Payment Plans or Plan Assignments and user clicks the 'Delete' link the popup appears with the suggestion to resolve these issues manually or automatically. 
If user chooses to resolve the issues manually then the system redirects him to the page with the list of items in which this account is used and user should reconfigure all of them before deleting the account.
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