Customer Identification

Identifying unique customers as they transact with the merchant is managed by a tenet called Active Rule. The Active Rule can be a predefined rule as (already existing in the gateway) or a custom rule, created by the merchant.
Active Rule
Step 1: Select Customer Identification from the Customer menu.
Step 2:  Click on Active Rule list box and choose an option from the list:
» None: In this case new customer is created after each transaction.
» Match Name and Account Number: Customers are matched on their Name and Account Number. 
» Match Name, Email and Account Number: Customers are matched based on their Name, Email Address and Account Number. 
» Custom: Merchant may select from a given set of criteria (below). 
Rule Configuration
Step 3: Select if the exact match of data is required or there can be several non-matches:
» Exact Match
» Allow [n] Non-Matches
Step 4: Click on the options provided to set the rule parameters:
» Email 
» Company Name 
» First Name
» Last Name
» Address
» Address 2
» Phone
» City
» Postal Code
» State
» Account Number
» Payment Type
» Custom Fields (It is shown if Custom fields with Client type are created for Merchant)
Apply to Data Vault Clients check mark means that Identification Settings applies to Data Vault Clients. And while processing transaction with checked 'Add To Data Vault', the system considers the settings and decides what to do - create new Data Vault Client or the Data Vault Client already exists.
Step 5: Click Save.
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