Interchange Optimizer Card

This page shows transactions that have been flagged in the system because of several reasons:

  • Authorization transactions not settled for more than [7] days
  • Sale transactions not settled for more than [3] days
  • Authorizations transactions not captured for more than [7] days

The number of days for each option can be changed by the user.

The grid can be also filtered by the following data:

  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction Type (Sale, Auth)
  • Settlement Status (Settled, Not Settled)
  • Status (Approved, Pending Capture)
  • Operation Source (Undefined, Batch API, Virtual Terminal, Service API, MIMS Service, Billing, Payment, Test, Email Payment, Mobile, POS, Data Vault, Checkout, ARC File, Wallet API, Gateway UI, Windows Service, Split Funding)
  • Date range
By clicking the Transaction ID user can view the details of the transaction.
User has two options for the transactions listed on this page:
  • Cancel (process the Void operation for the selected transaction)
  • Reprocess (reprocess the transaction)





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