Saved Reports

Saved Reports allow Merchants to save frequently used search criteria for simple recall and execution later.
Saving a Report
Step 1: If the search criteria are ones you would like to reuse, then enter a name for the report in the Report Name field.
Step 2: Click Save or Email Schedule icon.
Tip: If you are using Saved Reports you may want to use the Speed Date options. They operate on a rolling basis such that you can always get data based on a time frame versus specific dates. For example, you might use Past 30 Days as a time frame instead of hard dates. Thus, when you run the Saved Report later, the report data will be refreshed and current. Also, all Saved Reports can be seen by all users. This ensures that everyone will use the same sets of data when working on reconciliation, etc…
Retrieving a Saved Report
Step 1: Select Saved Reports from the Reports menu.
Step 2: Expand a report by clicking on the arrow to see the search criteria of the report.
Step 3: Change any search criteria if you like and click Update (or miss this step and go to the 4th Step).
Step 4: Click the Submit button/link
System will redirect user to the Transaction Search or Customer Search page where he will see all transactions that meet the specific criteria.
Delete a Saved Report
Step 1: After a report has been retrieved it is available for deletion. You can click on Delete link to delete any report in the list. Only the creator of a report may delete a report.
Step 2: Click Yes, to confirm the delete when the system displays the Delete message.
Set Email Schedule
If the email schedule is not set for the report or you want to change it follow the next steps:
Step 1: Expand the report for which you want to set email schedule
Step 2: Click 'Edit Email Schedule' button
Step 3: Fill the form
Step 4: Click Save/Exit
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