A Credit is a Refund with no original Transaction ID. The lack of a Transaction ID means all card holder details will be required to process the Credit.

Step 1: Choose Credit from the Payments menu.

Step 2: Select the Merchant Account.
Billing Information

Step 3: Enter the Billing Information.

In this field the merchant will be able to fill out necessary billing information specific to the  merchant account chosen. For a Credit Card sale you will see: 
  1. Credit Card Number (the digits located on the front of the credit card)
  2. Expiration Date (enter the month and year of the credit cards expiration date)
  3. CVV/CVV2 (optional 3-4 digit number located on the front or back of the credit card)
  4. Amount (sale amount)
  5. Currency for merchants using multi-currency processing the Currency field will appear. Choose the currency for the current transaction. 
  6. Recurring Payment (check box option)
  7. Store in Data Vault (checkbox option) - If the customer is identified as new, then a new Data Vault client will be created with payment/contact info from the transaction data and a DV token will be generated. The payment transaction will be assigned to this new DV client. If the Data Vault found client according to the customer identification rules, then the payment transaction will be assigned to this Data Vault client (Customer Identification is described in Customers section of this user guide). This option does not update the Data Vault client information.
    • Update Data Vault Client (checkbox option) - If  the customer is not found according to the customer identification rules, Data Vault will behave the same as when the Store in Data Vault option is selected. If the Data Vault finds a client, then the payment transaction will be assigned to this Data Vault client and client payment/contact info will be updated according to the transaction's data.
    • Customer ID - external customer identifier which will be assigned to the customer.
Billing Address

Step 4: Enter the Billing Address.

Order Information

Step 5: Enter Order Information (Optional).

Shipping Address

Step 6: Enter Shipping Address (Optional).

Tip: Credits do not require a Shipping Address. Merchants may choose to enter this data if they are using third party systems that receive data from this gateway.
Custom Fields

Step 7: Complete the Custom Fields (Optional).

Customer Information

Step 8: Complete the Customer Information (Optional - available only for some payment processors).

Step 9: Click the Credit button.

When you click the Credit button money will be drawn from the Merchant bank account and credited to the customer’s card.  The transaction type will be posted as Credit and the status will be Approved, assuming the transaction processes normally.
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