Refunds require a Transaction ID. Money posted to a customer’s payment account (credit card, ACH, etc…) without a Transaction ID is called a Credit. Refunds can be processed on any Settled transaction. This includes Captures and Sales.  
Tip: Partial Refunds are refunds for any amount less than the original transaction. Single and Multiple Partial Refunds are valid transactions.
Step 1: Click Refund in the Payments menu or on the Refund button in the Transaction Receipt.
Step 2: Enter the Transaction ID. 
You may enter the Transaction ID if you know it or use the Search  button to activate the Transaction Search page.
Tip: Selecting the proper Merchant Account will filter the transaction list displayed when the Search button is selected. If you don’t know the account that processed the original sale (in the case of multiple accounts) you will find the transaction in the Reports system.  
Step 3: Enter the Amount of the Refund.
Step 4: Enter the Tip Amount (if initial transaction has tips).
Step 5: Enter the Surcharge Amount (if initial transaction has tips).
Step 6: Enter email addresses to which transaction receipt should be sent (optional). User can specify several email addresses separated by comma.
Step 7: Click the Refund button. 
When you click the Refund button money will be drawn from the merchant’s bank account (DDA) and credited to the customer’s card. The Transaction Type will be changed from Sale to Refund and the transaction Status will be updated to Refunded.
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