Step 1: Click Void in the Payments menu.
Voids can be processed on any transaction and payment type that has not Settled. This includes Authorizations, Captures and Sales.  
Tip: Voids are always for the total amount of the original transaction. Partial Voids are not allowed.
Step 2: Enter the Transaction ID. 
You may enter the Transaction ID if known or use the Search to locate the transaction on the Transaction Search page.
Selecting the proper Merchant Account will filter the transaction list displayed by the Transaction Search.  
Tip: If you are searching for a transaction and don’t know the Merchant Account used to process the original sale (in the case of multiple merchant accounts), use the Reports system. It will search all accounts for a specific Transaction ID.
Step 3: Enter email addresses to which transaction receipt should be sent (optional). User can specify several email addresses separated by comma.
Step 4: Click the Void. 
When you click the Void button the transaction will be Void and the transaction Status will be updated to Cancelled.
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