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My transaction is “Flagged for Review”, what does this mean?

If a transaction is Flagged for Review it means that the system has set it to pending because it was flagged by an FBI tools rule. By default the SPARROW gateway has a rule enabled that will stop all transactions that run with the same card number and amount within 20 minutes as part of the velocity and duplicates rule.

This will be listed as a "flagged for review", due to our velocity and duplicated rule catching the transaction duplicate.  If a transaction passed through for the same amount on the same card within a specific predetermined time period, it will be flagged.  This transaction can be rejected under the "pending" transactions section in the gateway.

To view the pending transactions you can log into your Admin account under the Home > Launch Pad > Pending icon

Should the pending transaction is due to an decline, it would be advised to have the customer either call their card issuer to get more information on the decline or try to use a different card.  You can view the decline message by clicking on the blue transaction ID when you are logged into the gateway.  

FBI Tools > Review Transaction > Select the blue icon in the transaction ID

This will take you to the transaction receipt.  The first line shows that it has successfully processed through our system, but on the second line, it shows that it then received a decline on the way back to us from the processor. 

To edit this rule, it is available in the “Account Controls” under the FBI Tools tab in the gateway. If additional fraud rules have been set up, they may also flag a transaction. Pending transactions can be approved or rejected in the “Review Transactions” sections of FBI Tools.



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