Settlement Schedule

  1. The settlement processing runs every half an hour on the production website.

  2. The Settlement Schedule is an option in the Setup Account Wizard in the Admin portal for the following processors: TSYS, WorldPay, MeS, OmniPay.
    Here the admin user is able to set Custom Settlement Schedule for an account. The user would select the checkbox Custom Settlement Schedule and select the appropriate Local Time at which he wants settlements to be processed (in the concordance with the Time Zone the account was setup with).

  3. The same feature has been added to the Merchant portal on the page Home -> Company -> Edit Merchant Account so that merchant user is able to set settlement time for his accounts by himself.

    User selects Local Time at which he wants settlements to be processed. If user changes the Time Zone for the account, system recalculates Server Time of the settlement schedule.

Next, the new column with Past Due property has been added to the Merchants > Pending Settlements report in the Admin portal.

This property can have one of two values: No or Yes.

First when the transaction is processed the Past Due has value No. Then after the time is reached the value is set in the Settlement Schedule for the current account, the Past Due property for this transaction changes to Yes. It means that such transaction will be settled in the next settlement service run.

The Settlement Schedule page is available in Merchants > Pending Settlements > Settlement Schedule in the Admin portal.

The admin user is able to review Schedule and Last Schedule Date/Time for each merchant account.

The Pending Settlement page is also available in Payments > Pending Settlements report in the Merchant portal.
On the Pending Settlement page the merchant is able to review all not settled transactions for each account.
Also on this page merchant is able to settle all transactions manually for selected account.
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