Reports - Viewing Transactions for individual merchant accounts

How to view transactions for individual merchant accounts. 
This is done from the Reports->Transaction Search page.
  • Change the 'Report Type' option to 'Summary'. You can filter the report from the categories on the top half of the page.
  • After you submit with the filters you set, the summary report will populate.
  • Here you can drag and drop the categories to change the report view. All categories in the report have drop-down arrows. When you select these drop-down menus, you can select or de-select any sub categories you wish to further filter.
  • All the numbers in the report results are hyperlinked, so when you click on a number in the report results, a drilldown window will pop up with the data that amount is comprised of. 
  • All drill down windows can be exported to excel. 
Here is a couple screenshots to help illustrate this:
In this screenshot, the Merchant box was dragged and dropped in the place it's currently shown to filter the data by merchant account:
This screenshot shows a Drill Down window that popped up when the hyperlinked number(highlighted in yellow) was clicked:


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