Multi Currency

DCC features are supported by several of our processors. With them we provide MCP features for merchants via RateLookup transtype.  

The difference between multi-currency pricing (MCP) and dynamic currency conversion (DCC) is that with MCP the currency selection is done upfront before payment.  That is, the customer selects the country they are from or the currency they want prices displayed in. When he pays for his purchase he is charged in the selected currency.  

Utilize MCP support for foreign currency processors:

  • Use an API transaction type to get exchange rate that will return conversion rate for the specified currency and, optionally, return final amounts for the customer in his/her currency, if original amount was specified in the request:
    • Request example #1: transtype=getxrate&mkey=AAAAA¤cy=GBP
    • Response example #1: response=1&transtype=getxrate&rate=0.75&rateid=XXXXX
    • Request example #2: transtype=getxrate&mkey=AAAAA¤cy=GBP&amount1=100&amount2=50
    • Response example #2:response=1&transtype=getxrate&rate=0.75&rateid=XXXXX&amount1=75&amount2=37.5

New request types will fail if the merchant does not have a multi-currency processor. 

Support two types of MCP payments:

  1. Merchant can provide previously requested rateid in sale/auth/credit transaction. In this case, previously returned conversion rate will be used for the transaction. Both merchant and customer will know beforehand how much money will they receive/pay.  If the provided rate expires before the transaction, special error code will be returned to merchant, specifying that rate should be re-requested.
  2. Merchant can just provide customer currency and transaction amount in customer currency, without requesting rate first. In this case, the amount that will be earned by merchant will depend on the current conversion rate.

Additional Notes: 

Capture, Void and Refund operations will be always performed in the currency of original transaction. 

All merchant’s reports will continue to display transactions in merchant home currency.

Transaction Detail will display both merchant home currency and amount and customer currency and amount (if MCP is used for the transaction).

Print Receipt and Mail Receipt will use customer currency only.

Please note that merchant currency should never change for any merchant account (i.e. to use new currency new merchant account should be created), otherwise some parts of the application like FBI Tools can behave not as expected (consider monthly limit of 10,000 if the currency changes from USD to GBP afters sales for 5,000).



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