FBI Tools - Limits

How do limits work?

Limits are very similar to Card Number or IP Address filters but have a difference in usage workflow:
  • They are not assigned to individual merchant accounts like filters.
  • The scope of limits is customer based, each limit is calculated for each customer (defined by the customer identification rule).
  • Limits evaluate transactions, then not only reject or approve transactions, but could also the process transaction with a smaller amount than original transaction.

Account Limits workflow:

  1. On the Merchant portal go to FBI Tools -> Add New Limit
  2. Create Account limit
  3. Create Custom rule
  4. For the custom rule select "Account Limit" in the "Action" menu
  5. Select created account limit
For example, if the daily limit is $100 and the customer has already successfully processed a transaction for $30, a new transaction for $70 will be approved, whereas other same day transactions will be rejected.
Also please note fields checked on the Customer Identification page should be filled on the transaction processing page.
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