How to integrate with the Gateway?

There are two ways to interact with the SparrowOne platform, one via the web at and the second way through our Application Programming Interface (API). When connected via the API, you will use a private key to identify your company. This private key or Merchant Key (mKey) is unique to your company and will be used for all integrated processing.

Regardless of your method of processing you will want to login to the website and have a look around. You should have an email from with your account login information by now. If you cannot find it, check your spam filter or email support to have it resent.

If you are going to use the API to process payments, you will need to access the gateway and locate your Merchant Key (mKey). Login and go to Administration System Configuration Transaction Routing. Use this key when required by the API.

With your mKey, you can now go to to view the online API and take the next step to processing a payment!  We suggest you use a test account until you are ready to start live processing. The use of a test account allows you to validate functionality and perform regression testing prior to going live.

To begin this process, please contact the SparrowOne Integrations Team for detailed instructions on what is needed to get started. Integration times will vary; however integrations can take between one and five days depending on the complexity of your process.


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