Manage Auto Create Rules

Manage Auto Create Rules service allows to generate custom rules based on custom templates. Custom rule will be automatically created if specified in Auto Create Rule processor returns specified response code.
To add new Auto Create Rule follow next steps:
Step 1: select Manage Auto Create Rules > Custom Templates from FBI Tools menu
Step 2: click the 'Add Custom Template' link to create new template or click the Edit link to edit already existed template
Step 3: specify Name, Description, Category.
Step 4: add Build Expression - create appropriate expression for future rules. Based on this expression custom rule will be automatically created. 
Note: @ symbol here means constant value from the trigger transaction

Step 5: select appropriate Action. Available values are - Reject, Accept, Flagged for Review, Account Limit.
Step 6: mark 'Enable' checkbox if you want for the autocreated rules to be enabled by default 
Step 7: click Save button to save the custom template
Note: You can switch between a text and visual Build Expression editors by clicking corresponding buttons at the top of the expression input.

Step 8: to create autorule based on the custom template open Manage Auto Create Rules > Auto Create Rules page
Step 9: click 'Add Auto Create Rule' link
Step 10: enter Name and Description, select Category
Step 11: select the custom template
Step 12: click the 'Add Processor Code' button
Step 13: select Processor and Response Code - the custom rule is created if this response code is returned by the processor while processing transaction
Step 14: mark the Enabled checkbox to make the autorule enabled
Step 15: mark the 'Automatically assign to all accounts' checkbox if you want the created custom rule was assigned to all accounts
Step 16: click the Save button to save the auto create rule
Note: You can view template on the Edit Auto Create Rule page by expanding the Preview Template section.
The custom rule based on the custom template will be created if while processing transaction the specified response code will be returned by the selected processor.
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