3D Secure Report

To search for a specific transaction with 3D Secure operation or a set of them, use the 3D Secure report.
Step 1: Select the 3D Secure Report item in the Reports menu.
Step 2: Choose the appropriate Transaction Filters. The choices are as follows: 
1. Status the results of a transaction: 
» All
» Successful
» Declined
» The Card is Not Enrolled

2.Payment Operation Type the kind of operation performed: 
» All
» Auth
» Sale
» Pay Invoice
3. 3D Secure Operation Type the kind of 3D Secure operation performed: 
» Auth
» 3D Secure Lookup - Test connection card to the 3D Secure
» 3D Secure Authorization - Authorization card by the user
4. Operation ID  the 3D Secure Operation Identification Number.
5. 3D Secure Transaction ID the Operation Identification Number.
6. Payment Transaction ID the identification number of a particular transaction.
7. Date From and Date To used to refine the date range of the transaction result set.
8. Speed Dates feature is used to quickly choose a commonly used range. Speed Dates are as follows:
» Today
» This Week
» This Month
» This Quarter
» This Year
» Yesterday
» Last Week
» Last Month
» Last Quarter
» Last Year
» Past 3 Days
» Past 7 Days
» Past 30 Days
» Past 60 Days
» Past 90 Days
» Past 180 Days
» Past 365 Days
Step3: Click the Submit button.
Tip: Click on Clear button at any time to reset and clear all the search criteria. 
Transactions that meet the criteria in the search fields will be displayed in a list/ grid format with following information: 
1. Operation ID
2. Payment Transaction ID
3. Transaction ID – the system generated identification number of a transaction.
4. Operation Type – the 3D Secure operation type of the transaction
5. Payment Operation Type - the operation used to create transaction (Sale, Auth, PayInvoice). 
6. Account Number – the number of the account of the certain transaction.
7. Status – the current status of the transaction.
8. Operation Time – the date and time the transaction took place. 
Results Grid
The grid is a powerful way to display results.  When working with a Detail list (selected in the Report Type list box), you may perform several data manipulations directly in the grid. Operations you may perform on the grid are:
1. Sort - any column can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking its heading, to sort in the opposite direction, click the heading again
2. Filter - column headings with a blank field below them will act as filters when you enter data
3. Reorder - columns can be dragged and dropped anywhere left or right on the grid
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