What does the "Wait for Response" payment status mean?

Checkout payments may display the transaction status "Wait for Response", but what does it mean and why has this happened? (See Services API page 59 for complete transaction status list).


An example of the situation for the PayPal ewallet:


1) A customer browses a merchant’s website and selects a product to buy

2) The merchant system calculates the amount for customer’s order (e.g. $5)  and it “tells” the Sparrow gateway “take $5 from that customer” (technically – it creates a checkout token)

3) The gateway creates a payment transaction just to remember that there was a request from the merchant about the payment. The status of this transaction will be “Waiting for response”.

After that it redirects the customer to the PayPal site where he can pay $5 by either entering in a card number as a guest or logging into his PayPal account.

4) While the customer is on the PayPal site trying to pay – the transaction status is still “waiting for response”. Once he completes the payment – PayPal will notify the gateway about the payment -> the status of transaction will be changed to “approved” or “declined”

5) The gateway notifies the merchant system about the payment status.


There could be a problem where the transaction gets hung up on step 4 – say, if the customer closes the browser on the PayPal site before completing the payment. In this case the transaction status will be “waiting for response” and it will be reset to decline automatically in 3 days.

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