How to connect to the HUB?

There are many ways to connect to the HUB (Helping Unify Business).

  • Services API – Through the Services API merchants can integrate directly to the SPARROW gateway to perform all functions needed to tokenize payment information, store customer data, and process sales, refunds, etc… Our RESTful API is designed to use resource-oriented URLs and HTTP response codes. The API leverages HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs to make them easy to understand by most HTTP clients.
  • Redirect API – The Redirect API allows merchants avoid handling payment data all together by forwarding the consumer to SPARROW’s PCI Compliant servers for transaction processing. The redirect pages can be branded to match the merchant’s website to avoid apprehension and confusion by the customer.
  • Single Use Tokens – To enhance system security facilitate merchant security, SPARROW offers a mechanism whereby the consumer’s browser will connect directly to SPARROW to tokenize the payment data prior to processing a payment. The returned token can be passed through the merchant’s website at checkout relieving them from responsibility of handling sensitive credit card data while competing a sale. 
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